Second Congregational Church, South Deerfield, Mass., 1818-2016

Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association
Memorial Street, Deerfield, MA

Scope and Content Note:
The Second Parish church in the village of Bloody Brook, now known as South Deerfield, was founded in 1818 as residents in the southern half of the town of Deerfield demanded an alternative to traveling north some 6 miles to worship in the village of Deerfield, or crossing the Connecticut River to the church in Sunderland. A school house served as a meeting place before the construction of a church building in 1821. That building was moved to its present location on North Main St. in 1848. The move exacerbated ongoing disputes within the congregation, leading to the organization of the Orthodox  Congregational Society, known as the Monument Church, also in 1848. The Monument Church building was erected just east of the Bloody Brook monument. The two churches operated independently until 1865, when members of both congregations voted to re-unite and worship in the original 1821 building. The reunification of the congregations necessitated an enlargement of the structure. In 1891, the Monument Church building became the home of St. James Roman Catholic church, and was moved to its present
location on the west side of North Main St. [in 2008, the church merged with Holy Family Parish and shares a building on Sugarloaf Street].

The church records encompass all aspects of the Church’s functions. These include Sabbath school, ministry, council minutes, orders of worship, records of births and baptisms, annual reports, cultural events, youth groups, financial affairs, and membership records. The records were a gift of the Legacy Committee of the Second Congregational Church in December 2016.

Container List:
Vol. I. “Records of the 2d Congregational Church in Deerfield, organized June 30, 1818, Vol. I.” Continue until March 1828.

Vol. II. “Records of the Second Congregational Church, in the Town of Deerfield, (Ma)
Commencing with the ordination of Rev. Tertius S. Clarke, October 3d, 1827. Vol. II.”
Continues until Oct. 17, 1848. Appendix entry (single page) by M. K. Cross, Pastor,
December 1850.

Vol. III. “Records of the First Congregational Church in South Deerfield. Vol. III.
Commencing Sept. 1850, with the installation of Rev. M. K. Cross.” Continues to Sept. 1865.

Vol. IV. “Volume IV. Records of the Congregational Church of South Deerfield. Commencing Sept. 1865.” Continues to annual meeting, January 1891.

Vol. V. Records of the Congregational Church of South Deerfield – Commencing with a
meeting to incorporate, May 14, 1891 – October 27, 1910

Vol. VI. Records of the Congregational Church of South Deerfield – Commencing with the
annual meeting, December 29, 1910 – December 31, 1925

Vol. VII. Records of the Congregational Church of South Deerfield, January 1926 – January 2, 1949

Vol. VIII. Minutes of the Church Council, June 24, 1954 – November 22, 1966

Vol. IX. Minutes of the Church Council – Commencing January 30, 1968 – March 13, 1979

“Vol. I, Records of the Congregational Parish of S.D., Sept. 1865-Feb. 1890”

“Second Congregational Parish Book. No. 2nd. Record of Parish Deeds, 1821” (bound vol.)

“Records of Parish Deeds, Pews, 1848-1856” (bound vol.)

“Parish Records, Vol. II, April 1870-May 1891” (bound vol.)

“Board of Deacons Chairperson’s Handbook”

“Getting to Know You,” columns, from The Lamplighter, 1995-2004, with index

“Our Church Guests,” register, 1958-1972

Sabbath School library records, 1887-1902. In Peloubet’s Complete Sunday School Library Register

Box 1: Records of the Orthodox Congregational Society (Monument Church), S. Deerfield:
Fol. 1: Deed and correspondence, 1866; 1879
Record book of the Orthodox Congregational Society, S. Deerfield, Oct. 1848-March
1864 (1 bound vol.)
“Records of the Monument Church,” 1848-1860 with later lists of members, funerals,
baptisms, etc.; 1861-62 (2 bound vols.)

Records of the Second Congregational Church, S. Deerfield:
Fol. 1: Warrants and votes, 1827
Fol. 2: Petitions, proposals, 1817; undated
Fol. 3: Financial records, 1829-1832 and undated
Fol. 4: Building committee account book, 1848; land deed, 1856
Fol. 5: Sunday school, 1890; undated
Fol. 6: Women’s Missionary Society meeting book, 1936-1941
Fol. 7: Miscellaneous, 1877-1979
Record book of the Sabbath School Association, Oct. 1867-Dec. 1881 (1 bound vol.)

Box 2:
Fol. 1: Adult Study
Fol. 2: Annual meetings – announcements, minutes, etc.
Fol. 3: Board of Deacons
Fol. 4: Building Committee
Fol. 5: Bylaws
Fol. 6: Church closure
Fol. 7: Church Council
Fol. 8: Church Council meeting highlights
Fol. 9 Church facilities, use of
Fol. 10: Church history
Fol. 11: Church school
Fol. 12: Church yearbook reports
Fol. 13: Committees (misc.)
Fol. 14: Conferences, workshops, events
Fol. 15: Confirmation
Fol. 16: Correspondence, 1949-1985
Fol. 17: Correspondence, 1986-2007 and undated

Box 3:
Fol. 1: Deacons meetings
Fol. 2: Death & dying
Fol. 3: Finances
Fol. 4: Franklin Assoc., Mass. Conference of Churches
Fol. 5: Franklin Co., Senior Services lawsuit
Fol. 6: Fund raising
Fol. 7: General Council of Congregational Christian Churches
Fol. 8: In-Between Club
Fol. 9: “Kitchen Theology”
Fol. 10: Ladies Aid Society
Fol. 11: Mass. Conference Worship Commission
Fol. 12: Membership
Fol. 13: Memorial Funds/Gifts, A-F

Box 4:
Fol. 1: Memorial Funds/Gifts, S-W
Fol. 2: Memorial Funds/Gifts, G-J
Fol. 3: Memorial Funds/Gifts, K-R
Fol. 4: Nominating Committee
Fol. 6: One hundred fiftieth anniversary
Fol. 7: Ordination sermons
Fol. 8: Organ
Fol. 9: Pastoral Counseling Center
Fol. 10: Pastoral search/compensation review
Fol. 11: Pastors (reports, etc.)
Fol. 12: Pew Bibles
Fol. 13: Physical plant
Fol. 14: Safe Church policy
Fol. 15: Senior Church School
Fol. 16: Senior Pilgrim Fellowship

Box 5:
Fol. 1: Special Meetings, announcements/minutes
Fol. 2: Tandem Club
Fol. 3: Trustee meeting, 1995
Fol. 4: Trustee minutes/reports
Fol. 5: Vacation Bible School
Fol. 6: Wedding certificates
Fol. 7: Youth forum
Fol. 8: Youth Rally, 1974-1975

Treasurer’s ledger, 1961-1964 (bound vol.)

“New Beginnings Assessment” (2013) (spiral-bound vol.)

“Parish Self-Appraisal, June 25, 1987”

Parish Self-Appraisal binder

Box 6: Plays, 1993-2013, performed by Fellowship Players, Uncommon Players. Programs, publicity materials, photographs, correspondence, financial statements, etc.

Box 7: Church Council reports, 1954-1966 (bound vol.)

Church Council reports, 1968-1979 (bound vol.)

Minutes of Church Council Meetings, 1979-2007; 2013; 2015- 2016

Annual reports, 1977-2015

Church Directory, 1990; 2004; 2006

“A Lenten Journey,” 2004; 2005; 2008-2013; 2016

Box 8:
“Record Book of Ladies Serving Society Congl. Church South Deerfield Mass.,” Oct.
1904-Oct. 1915
“Record book of the Ladies Aid Society Congl. Church South Deerfield Massachusetts,”
Oct. 1921-May 1930
Ladies Aid Society, reports 1934-1941 (bound vol.)
Ladies Aid Society, reports 1941-1952 (bound vol.)
Ladies Aid Society, reports 1952-1960 (bound vol.)
Ladies Aid Society, reports, 1967-1972 (bound vol.)
Ladies Aid Society, Treasurer’s Book, 1947-1975 (bound vol.)

Orders of Worship, 1968-1979

Sabbath School record books, 1867-1881

Sabbath School record books, 1882-1886. Kept in Hoyt’s Improved Sunday School Record Book

Sabbath School record books, 1887-1889; 1893; 1896. Kept in Peloubet’s Complete Sunday
School Record Book

Sabbath School record book, 1896. Kept in Pilgrim Sunday School Record Book

Sabbath School record books, 1890; 1892; 1893; 1897-1909; 1913- 1916. Kept in Southworth’s Complete Sunday School Record Book

Sabbath School record book, 1916

Floor plans: Additions and Alterations to South Deerfield Congregational Church, Nov. 2003; Dec. 2007

Lamplighter (newsletter) 1987-2016